ORS 657B.110
Continuous jurisdiction of director; reconsideration of previous decisions


The Director of the Employment Department, upon motion of the director or upon application of a covered individual, may at any time reconsider any final decision under this chapter. Reconsideration may occur when there is evidence of:


Errors of computation;


Clerical errors;


Misinformation provided to a party by the Employment Department;


Facts not previously known to the director; or


Errors caused by misapplication of law by the department.


Reconsideration of a final decision shall be made in accordance with such regulations as the director may prescribe, and may include the making of a new decision which, if made, shall award, deny, terminate, continue, increase or decrease benefits to the extent found necessary and appropriate for the correction of a previous error respecting such benefits. Any new decision made under this subsection shall be subject to review as provided in ORS 657B.410 (Appeals process, generally). [2019 c.700 §14]
Note: 657B.110 (Continuous jurisdiction of director) becomes operative January 1, 2022. See section 63, chapter 700, Oregon Laws 2019.

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