ORS 67.364
Articles and plan of merger


After each business entity that is a party to a merger has approved a plan of merger, the surviving business entity shall deliver to the office of the Secretary of State for filing:


Articles of merger that set forth the name and type of each business entity that intends to merge and the name and type of the business entity that will survive the merger, except that no filing is required if all of the parties to the merger are partnerships that have not registered as limited liability partnerships;


A plan of merger or, in lieu of a plan of merger, a written declaration that:


Identifies an address for an office of the surviving entity where the plan of merger is on file; and


States that the surviving entity will provide any owner of any constituent entity with a copy of the plan of merger upon request and at no cost; and


A written declaration that states that each business entity that is a party to the merger duly authorized and approved the plan of merger in accordance with ORS 67.360 (Merger).


The merger takes effect on the later of the date and time determined in accordance with ORS 67.017 (Effective time and date of document) or the date and time determined under the statutes that govern any party to the merger that is a business entity other than a partnership. [1999 c.362 §48; 2015 c.28 §9]


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