ORS 673.655
Continuing education requirement

  • waiver


Except as provided in subsection (2) of this section, upon annual renewal of a tax preparer’s or tax consultant’s license, each person licensed as a tax consultant or tax preparer under ORS 673.605 (Definitions for ORS 673.605 to 673.740) to 673.740 (Educational program as remedy) shall submit evidence satisfactory to the State Board of Tax Practitioners that the person has completed at least 30 hours of instruction or seminar in subjects related to income tax preparation since the preceding license renewal date. If the board does not receive evidence that the continuing education requirement has been completed by the applicant, the board shall not renew the applicant’s active license.


The board may exempt a tax consultant or tax preparer from the continuing education required by this section upon application showing evidence satisfactory to the board of inability to comply because of unusual or extenuating circumstances. [1973 c.387 §10; 1975 c.464 §17; 1985 c.559 §7]
§§ 673.605 to 673.710

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Chapter 673

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