ORS 686.370
Examination for license

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All applicants for a veterinary technician license shall be given a written examination to determine their knowledge of animal care, handling, basic comparative mammalian health records, applied clinical laboratory procedures and basic animal diseases and such other subjects as the Oregon State Veterinary Medical Examining Board deems advisable. The examination shall be designed to test both the scientific and practical knowledge of the applicants. The written examination shall be so conducted that the members of the board do not know the name of the applicant whose answers are being graded until after the judging or grading is completed.


Veterinary technicians must have successfully passed an examination administered by the board. The board by rule may establish deadlines, scores, application procedures and other details. [1975 c.619 §9; 1987 c.651 §9; 1993 c.491 §14; 2003 c.178 §5]


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