Therapeutic and Technical Services: Physical Therapists

ORS 688.709
Board duties

  • rules

The Board of Athletic Trainers shall:


Advise the Health Licensing Office about the adoption of rules necessary for the administration of ORS 688.701 (Definitions for ORS 688.701 to 688.734) to 688.734 (Disciplinary authority of Health Licensing Office).


Determine training and education requirements for licensure under ORS 688.720 (Requirements for licensure).


Determine qualifications and documentation required for licenses, permits, temporary licenses and waivers.


Determine requirements for reciprocity and equivalency for the practice of athletic training.


Establish a code of professional responsibility and standards of practice for licensed athletic trainers.


Develop, approve or recognize a written examination to test an applicant’s knowledge of the basic and clinical sciences relating to athletic training techniques and methods and any other subjects the board determines necessary to assess an applicant’s fitness to engage in the practice of athletic training.


Establish standards for acceptable performance, including but not limited to a passing score on the approved or recognized competency examination.


Establish policies and criteria for the assessment of the quality of the practice of athletic trainers.


Adopt rules that include provisions describing procedures for collaboration between athletic trainers and physicians licensed pursuant to ORS chapter 677. [1999 c.736 §4; 2005 c.648 §17; 2013 c.314 §28; 2013 c.568 §64; 2019 c.378 §2]


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