ORS 7.150
Order of restoration when no copy available

If the loss or destruction of any record or part thereof as mentioned in ORS 7.140 (Substitution of copy of lost record) has happened and the defect cannot be supplied as therein provided, any party or person interested may make a written application to the court, to which the record belonged, verified by affidavit showing its loss or destruction and that certified copies cannot be obtained by the applicant. It shall also show the substance of the record and that its loss or destruction occurred without the fault or neglect of the applicant. Thereupon the court shall cause the application to be entered of record in the court, and due notice of it shall be given as in actions at law, that it will be heard by the court. If, upon the hearing, the court shall be satisfied that the statements contained in the written application are true, it shall make an order reciting what was the substance and effect of the lost or destroyed record. This order shall be entered of record in the court, and have the same effect which the original record would have had so far as concerns the applicant and the persons who shall have been notified as herein provided. The record in all cases when the proceeding was in rem, and no personal service was had, may be supplied upon like notice as nearly as may be as in the original proceeding. The court in which the application is pending may in all cases in which publication is required direct, by order, to be entered of record, the form of the notice, and designate the newspaper or newspapers in which it shall be published.

Source: Section 7.150 — Order of restoration when no copy available, https://www.­oregonlegislature.­gov/bills_laws/ors/ors007.­html.

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