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ORS 725A.022
License application

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An applicant for a license as a payday loan lender or a title loan lender shall apply to the Director of the Department of Consumer and Business Services in writing on a form and in a manner that the director prescribes by rule. An application for a license as a payday loan lender or a title loan lender must:


List the applicant’s name, residence address and business address;


Name and list the residence address and business address for the applicant’s officers and directors, if the applicant is a corporation, or for the applicant’s members, if the applicant is a partnership, limited liability company or other association;


Identify the county and city in which, and the street address, if any, at which the applicant will conduct business; and


Provide other information the director requires.
(2)(a) At the time the applicant submits an application under this section, the applicant shall pay to the director a license fee in an amount the director sets under ORS 725A.028 (License fee). Except as provided in paragraph (b) of this subsection, the license fee is not refundable.


If the director for cause does not issue a license or if the applicant withdraws the application after the director has investigated the applicant, the director shall refund the license fee, less an amount the director retains to pay the administrative and investigative costs the director incurred in connection with the application. [2010 c.23 §4]


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