Short-Term Loans and Student Loan Servicing

ORS 725A.080
Complaint and administrative remedy


A person who claims to be aggrieved by a practice that violates a provision of ORS 725A.020 (Licensing requirement), 725A.060 (Prohibited conduct generally), 725A.062 (Prohibited conduct for title loan lender) or 725A.064 (Prohibited conduct for payday loan lender) or a rule adopted under ORS 725A.092 (Rules) that regulates a licensee or a person required under ORS 725A.020 (Licensing requirement) to obtain a license may, not later than one year after the date of the alleged violation, file with the Director of the Department of Consumer and Business Services a verified written complaint. The complaint must state the name and address of the licensee or the person alleged to have committed the unlawful practice and the particulars of the alleged unlawful practice. The director may require the complaint to set forth other information that the director considers pertinent.


A title loan lender shall state in every contract for a title loan, in a type size equal to at least 12-point type, that the consumer or the consumer’s attorney may file a complaint with the director as provided in this section.


After receiving a complaint under this section, the director may, under ORS 725A.050 (Director’s power to examine or investigate), investigate the unlawful practice and the licensee or the person alleged in the complaint to have committed the unlawful practice. [2010 c.23 §22]


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