Rehabilitation, Liquidation and Conservation of Insurers

ORS 734.210
Conduct of delinquency proceedings for domestic insurers


Whenever under this chapter a receiver is to be appointed in delinquency proceedings for an insurer domiciled in this state, the court shall appoint the Director of the Department of Consumer and Business Services as such receiver. The court shall direct the receiver forthwith to take possession of the property of the insurer and to administer the same under the orders of the court.


Any deed or other instrument executed under this chapter shall be valid and effectual for all purposes as though the same had been executed by the person affected by any proceedings under this chapter or by its officers pursuant to the direction of its governing board or authority. The filing or recording of the order directing possession to be taken, or a certified copy thereof, in the office where instruments affecting title to property are required to be filed or recorded shall impart the same notice as would be imparted by a deed, bill of sale or other evidence of title duly filed or recorded.


In cases where any real property sold by the director is located in a county other than the county wherein the proceeding is pending, the director shall cause a certified copy of the order of the appointment, or order authorizing or ratifying the sale, to be filed with the recording officer for the county in which the property is located.


The director as domiciliary receiver shall be responsible on the official bond of the director for the proper administration of all property coming into the possession or control of the director. The court may at any time require an additional bond from the director or the deputies of the director if deemed desirable for the protection of the property. [Formerly 751.020]
Chapter 734

Atty. Gen. Opinions

State is not liable for losses incurred by Oregon Medical Insurance Pool and pools' policy holders bear ultimate risk of pools' insolvency, in that there would be no source of funds to pay benefits under their policies, (1989) Vol 46, p 155


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