Rehabilitation, Liquidation and Conservation of Insurers

ORS 734.590
Plan of operation

  • submission to director
  • rules


The Oregon Insurance Guaranty Association shall submit to the Director of the Department of Consumer and Business Services not later than 90 days after September 9, 1971, a plan of operation, and may thereafter submit such amendments thereto as will provide for the reasonable and equitable exercise of the duties and powers of the association. The plan of operation, and any amendments thereto, shall become effective upon approval in writing by the director.


If the association fails to submit a plan that receives the approval of the director as provided in subsection (1) of this section, or if the association thereafter fails to maintain a plan satisfactory to the director, the director shall by rule prescribe a plan of operation that meets the standards provided in subsection (1) of this section. A plan prescribed by the director shall remain in effect until the director by rule provides otherwise.


No member insurer shall fail to comply with the currently effective plan of operation. [1971 c.616 §10]
§§ 734.510 to 734.710

Notes of Decisions

SAIF's lien against proceeds of recoveries by injured workers in third-party actions does not attach to payments to worker by Oregon Insurance Guarantee Association acting in place of insolvent insurer. Corvallis Aero Service v. Villalobos, 81 Or App 137, 724 P2d 880 (1986), Sup Ct review denied

Automobile dealers insured for losses attributable to service contracts were not entitled to recover unearned premiums from OIGA after member insurer became insolvent when dealers' policy with insolvent insurer specifically provided there was no right to return of unearned premiums if policy was canceled. Oregon Ins. Guaranty Assn. v. Action Chrysler, 109 Or App 556, 820 P2d 846 (1991)

Where member of Oregon Insurance Guaranty Association merges with nonmember insurer and then becomes insolvent, claims arising before merger against policies issued by nonmember insurer are not covered by association. Palmrose v. Oregon Insurance Guaranty Association, 205 Or App 613, 135 P3d 370 (2006)

Chapter 734

Atty. Gen. Opinions

State is not liable for losses incurred by Oregon Medical Insurance Pool and pools' policy holders bear ultimate risk of pools' insolvency, in that there would be no source of funds to pay benefits under their policies, (1989) Vol 46, p 155


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