Health Care Service Contractors

ORS 750.025
Restricting distribution of income

  • representation as health maintenance organization


A health care service contractor which is a not-for-profit corporation, shall not distribute, upon liquidation or otherwise, any part of its income to its members, directors, trustees or officers except for the reasonable value of services rendered such contractor.


An organization that does not meet the definition of health maintenance organization in ORS 750.005 (Definitions) shall not hold itself out to the public to be a health maintenance organization. [Formerly 742.025; 1985 c.747 §66]
Chapter 750

Notes of Decisions

These sections, covering health care contractors, made applicable to defendant, nonprofit provider of health care services, regulation by state law, as required by McCarran-Ferguson Act, 15 U.S.C. 1011 et seq. Klamath Lake Pharm. Assn. v. Klamath Medical Service Bureau, 507 F Supp 980 (1981)


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