Public Utility Commission

ORS 756.558
Taking of evidence

  • findings
  • issuance of orders
  • providing copies of orders


At the conclusion of the taking of evidence, the Public Utility Commission shall declare the taking of evidence concluded. Thereafter no additional evidence shall be received except upon the order of the commission and a reasonable opportunity of the parties to examine any witnesses with reference to the additional evidence and otherwise rebut and meet such additional evidence.


After the completion of the taking of evidence, and within a reasonable time, the commission shall prepare and enter findings of fact and conclusions of law upon the evidence received in the matter and shall make and enter the order of the commission thereon. The findings of fact and conclusions of law may be embodied in the same instrument with the order or may be embodied in a separate instrument. The findings of fact, conclusions of law and order thereon shall be signed by the commission. The order shall state the date it becomes effective. A copy of the findings of fact and conclusions of law and a copy of the order shall, forthwith upon the entry of the same, be served upon each of the parties to the proceeding.


Upon application of any person, the commission shall furnish certified copies, under the seal of any order made by the commission. [Formerly 756.550]

Notes of Decisions

Summarization of witnesses' statements without statement in commissioner's order as to what factual conclusions commissioner drew therefrom did not satisfy requirements that commissioner prepare and enter findings of fact and conclusions of law upon evidence received. Bekins Moving & Storage Co. v. Pub. Util. Commr., 19 Or App 762, 529 P2d 413 (1974)

Chapter 756

Notes of Decisions

Under regulatory scheme, Public Utility Commissioner has authority to promulgate rule limiting telephone company's liability for directory listing errors or omissions. Garrison v. Pacific NW Bell, 45 Or App 523, 608 P2d 1206 (1980)

Refund is proper exercise of Public Utility Commission's general powers if refund (1) is based only on information in existence at time of rate order for which refund is being made; (2) is not based on evaluation of public utility's actual expenses or revenues; and (3) is not effectuated by offsetting future rates. Gearhart v. Public Utility Commission, 255 Or App 58, 299 P3d 533 (2013), aff'd 356 Or 216, 339 P3d 904 (2014)


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