Secured Transactions

ORS 79.0319
UCC 9-319


Except as otherwise provided in subsection (2) of this section, for purposes of determining the rights of creditors of, and purchasers for value of goods from, a consignee, while the goods are in the possession of the consignee, the consignee is deemed to have rights and title to the goods identical to those the consignor had or had power to transfer.


For purposes of determining the rights of a creditor of a consignee, law other than this chapter determines the rights and title of a consignee while goods are in the consignee’s possession if, under ORS 79.0301 (UCC 9-301) to 79.0342 (UCC 9-342), a perfected security interest held by the consignor would have priority over the rights of the creditor. [2001 c.445 §39]


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