Court Officers and District Attorneys

ORS 8.350
Transcript of testimony

When a report of the proceedings, or any part thereof, has been made in any case as provided in ORS 8.340 (Reporter’s duties), if the court or either party to the suit or action or the party’s attorney requests transcription of the notes or audio records into longhand, the official reporter shall cause full and accurate typewritten transcripts to be made of the testimony or other proceedings, which shall, when certified to as provided in ORS 8.360 (Certified report as prima facie correct), be filed with the clerk of the court where the cause was tried or heard, for the use of the court or parties. [Amended by 1955 c.497 §3; 1985 c.496 §10; 1985 c.540 §43; 2009 c.11 §3]


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