Refusal, Suspension, Cancellation and Revocation of Registration, Title, Driving Privileges and Identification Card

ORS 809.270
Driver improvement course

  • enforcement by suspension or restriction of privileges


A court may require that a defendant convicted of a traffic offense successfully complete, within a time fixed by the judge, a defensive driving or other appropriate driver improvement course conducted by the Department of Transportation or any other rehabilitative program and may use the suspension or restriction of the person’s driving privileges or right to apply for driving privileges to enforce the requirement by ordering:


The suspension until the defendant successfully completes the program; or


The suspension or restriction if the defendant fails to successfully complete the program.


The authority granted under this section is in addition to any fine or imprisonment authorized by law, including probation and suspension of imposition or execution of any sentence upon conditions ordered by the court.


If a court places restrictions on driving privileges under this section:


The judge shall immediately advise the department of the restrictions in writing.


Upon removal of such restrictions, the court shall notify the department in writing that the restriction is ended.


The restriction shall remain in effect until ended by the court.


The department shall take action as provided under ORS 807.120 (Restrictions generally) on restrictions imposed under this section.


The restrictions may include any restriction, condition or requirement.


Violation of the restriction is punishable as provided under ORS 807.010 (Operating vehicle without driving privileges or in violation of license restrictions).


If suspension is ordered under this section:


The court shall so notify the department and the department shall impose the suspension of the driving privileges as provided under ORS 809.280 (Department procedures following court order of suspension or revocation).


The court shall notify the department of reinstatement after any suspension ordered under this section.


The department shall take action on the suspension or reinstatement as provided under ORS 809.280 (Department procedures following court order of suspension or revocation).


The judge shall comply with the requirements under ORS 809.275 (Court to take possession of license or permit) to take possession of the license or permit of the person. [1983 c.338 §388; 1985 c.16 §204; 1993 c.18 §169]

Atty. Gen. Opinions

Under Former Similar Statute

Limited driving order not to supersede a suspension, (1976) Vol 38, p 172


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