ORS 814.450
Unlawful load on bicycle

  • penalty


A person commits the offense of having an unlawful load on a bicycle if the person is operating a bicycle and the person carries a package, bundle or article which prevents the person from keeping at least one hand upon the handlebar and having full control at all times.


The offense described in this section, unlawful load on a bicycle, is a Class D traffic violation. [1983 c.338 §704]
Chapter 814

Notes of Decisions

Under Former Similar Statute

A party in violation of a motor vehicle statute is negligent as a matter of law unless he introduces evidence from which the trier of fact could find that he was acting as a reasonably prudent person under the circumstances. Barnum v. Williams, 264 Or 71, 504 P2d 122 (1972)

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Under Former Similar Statute

10 WLJ 207 (1974)


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