Vehicle Limits

ORS 818.200
Authority to issue variance permits

  • effect of permit
  • violation of permit


A road authority, or a private contractor authorized by a road authority to do so, may issue a variance permit if it determines the public interests will be served. A variance permit issued under this section may allow any vehicle, combination of vehicles, load article, property, machine or thing to move over any highway or street under the jurisdiction of the road authority without violation of any of the following:


Maximum weight limits under ORS 818.020.


Posted weight limits under ORS 818.040 (Violation of posted weight limits).


Administratively imposed weight or size limits under ORS 818.060 (Violation of administratively imposed weight or size limits).


Maximum size limits under ORS 818.090.


Maximum number of vehicles in combination under ORS 818.110 (Exceeding maximum number of vehicles in combination).


Posted limits on use of road under ORS 818.130 (Violation of posted limits on use).


Towing safety requirements under ORS 818.160 (Violating towing safety requirements).


Use of devices without wheels under ORS 815.155 (Unlawful use of device without wheels).


Use of metal objects on tires under ORS 815.160 (Unlawful use of metal objects on tires).


Operation without pneumatic tires under ORS 815.170 (Operation without pneumatic tires).


Misuse of a special left turn lane under ORS 811.346 (Misuse of special left turn lane).


Improper use of the center lane on three-lane road under ORS 811.380 (Improper use of center lane on three-lane road).


Operation of a motor vehicle on a bicycle trail under ORS 811.435 (Operation of motor vehicle on bicycle trail).


Failure to drive within a lane under ORS 811.370 (Failure to drive within lane).


The fee for issuance of a variance permit under this section is the fee established under ORS 818.270 (Fees for permits). No fee shall be charged for issuance of a permit to the federal government, agencies of the State of Oregon, cities or counties.


A permit issued under this section is subject to all of the provisions under ORS 818.220 (Requirements, conditions and procedures for issuance of variance permit) and to any limits under ORS 818.210 (Limits on authority to issue variance permit).


Prohibitions and penalties relating to the use of the permit are provided under ORS 818.340 (Operating in violation of variance permit) and 818.350 (Failure to carry and display variance permit).


Violation of the conditions of the permit is subject to civil penalties as provided under ORS 818.410 (Civil liability for certain violations). [1983 c.338 §535; 1995 c.123 §1; 2010 c.30 §11]


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