Vehicle Limits

ORS 818.410
Civil liability for certain violations

The owner and driver of anything using a state, county or city highway, street or bridge in violation of the sections described in this section are jointly and severally liable to the state, county or city for all damage done as a result of the violation. Liability to the state, county or city depends upon whether it is a state, county or city highway, street or bridge. This section applies to a violation of any of the following:


Maximum weight limits under ORS 818.020 (Violating maximum weight limits).


Posted weight limits under ORS 818.040 (Violation of posted weight limits).


Maximum size limits under ORS 818.090 (Violation of maximum size limits).


Maximum number of vehicles in combination under ORS 818.110 (Exceeding maximum number of vehicles in combination).


Posted limits on use of roads under ORS 818.130 (Violation of posted limits on use).


Towing safety requirements under ORS 818.160 (Violating towing safety requirements).


Sifting or leaking load prohibition under ORS 818.300 (Operating with sifting or leaking load).


Dragging object prohibition under ORS 818.320 (Dragging objects on highway).


Devices without wheels under ORS 815.155 (Unlawful use of device without wheels).


Use of prohibited metal objects on tires under ORS 815.160 (Unlawful use of metal objects on tires).


Operation without pneumatic tires under ORS 815.170 (Operation without pneumatic tires).


Operation in violation of variance permit under ORS 818.340 (Operating in violation of variance permit).


Temporarily reduced speeds established by a road authority under ORS 810.180 (Designation of maximum speeds).


Exclusive use lanes established under ORS 810.140 (Designation of exclusive use lanes). [1983 c.338 §530; 1985 c.16 §273; 2003 c.819 §16]
Chapter 818

Atty. Gen. Opinions

Under Former Similar Statute

County criminal liability for oversized county road maintenance vehicles operating on county road only, (1981) Vol 42, p 98


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