Oregon Terrain Vehicles
ORS 821.160
Snowmobile operator permit; issuance; rules for safety education course


A snowmobile operator permit authorizes a person who does not have a driver license to operate a snowmobile without violation of ORS 821.150 (Operation of snowmobile without driving privileges).


The Department of Transportation shall issue or provide for issuance of a snowmobile operator permit to any person who has taken a snowmobile safety education course established under this section and has been found qualified to operate a snowmobile.


The department shall adopt rules to provide for snowmobile safety education courses and the issuance of snowmobile operator permits consistent with this section. The rules adopted by the department shall be consistent with the following:


The course must be one given by an instructor designated by the department as qualified to conduct such a course and issue such a permit.


The rules shall provide for the designation of instructors and issuance of permits.


The department may provide by rule for instructors to be provided and permits issued through public or private local and state organizations meeting qualifications established by the department. Organizations designated by the department may include organizations such as the Oregon State Snowmobile Association.


Persons who are operating a snowmobile while taking a course from an instructor are exempt from ORS 821.150 (Operation of snowmobile without driving privileges) as provided in that section. [1983 c.338 §723; 1985 c.16 §351]
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