ORS 821.310
Treble damages for damage to property

The operator or the owner of a snowmobile or all-terrain vehicle used with the permission of the owner shall be liable for three times the amount of any damage to trees, shrubs, growing crops or other property injured as the result of travel by such snowmobile or all-terrain vehicle over the property involved. The liability under this section is in addition to any penalties provided in ORS 821.150 (Operation of snowmobile without driving privileges), 821.190 (Unlawful operation of snowmobile or all-terrain vehicle on highway or railroad), 821.210 (Operating improperly equipped snowmobile) or 821.250 (Permitting dangerous operation of snowmobile or all-terrain vehicle) to 821.290 (Dangerous operation of snowmobile or all-terrain vehicle). [1983 c.338 §736; 1985 c.393 §49; 1985 c.459 §38; 1987 c.587 §20; 1989 c.991 §20]

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