Oregon Regulation of Vehicle Related Businesses
ORS 822.310
Privileges granted by certificate; duration; renewal; fee; rules; suspension or revocation; regulation of holder


The holder of a current, valid vehicle transporter certificate issued under this section may exercise the following privileges under this certificate:


The person is not subject to the prohibitions and penalties under ORS 822.300 (Acting as vehicle transporter without certificate) while transporting vehicles as provided under this section.


The person is entitled to apply for and receive a sufficient number of special vehicle transporter plates or devices and may transport vehicles as provided under this section while displaying the plate or device. Only one plate or device shall be displayed on a vehicle. The plates or devices shall require a fee for issuance as provided in ORS 805.250 (Fees for special plates). A plate or device issued under this paragraph may be used on any vehicle transported by the person.


The person may drive or tow on its own wheels over the highways of this state any unregistered vehicle or manufactured structure from outside this state or from manufacturers or dealers within this state to a prospective purchaser, manufacturer or dealer in this or any other state, territory or foreign country. This paragraph only permits the person to transport manufactured structures from the place of manufacture to the place of business of a manufactured structure dealer holding a license under ORS 446.691 (Issuance of dealer license) or 446.696 (Renewal of dealer license) or a temporary manufactured structure dealer license under ORS 446.701 (Issuance of temporary manufactured structure dealer license) or to a place outside of Oregon. Any other movement of a manufactured structure by the person must be under a trip permit issued by a county as agent for the Department of Consumer and Business Services.


The Department of Transportation shall provide for the issuance and renewal of vehicle transporter certificates under this section to persons regularly engaged in businesses that require the certificates.


Vehicle transporter certificates issued under this section are subject to all of the following:


A certificate described in this section is valid for a one-year period and shall be renewed as provided by the department.


The department shall not issue a certificate to a person until the fee for issuance of the certificate under ORS 822.700 (Certification fees) is paid.


The department may adopt necessary rules for the administration of the laws relating to the regulation of vehicle transporters, the issuance and renewal of vehicle transporter certificates, the issuance of vehicle transporter identification cards and the issuance of vehicle transporter plates. The rules adopted under this subsection must be consistent with any rules regarding vehicle transporters that are adopted under ORS chapter 825. The rules may include, but are not limited to, grounds and procedures for the revocation, denial or suspension of vehicle transporter certificates and for placing vehicle transporters on probationary status.


A person issued a certificate under this section is subject to regulation under ORS chapter 825. [1983 c.338 §819; 1985 c.16 §415; 1985 c.598 §10; 1987 c.261 §9d; 1993 c.741 §146; 1995 c.733 §79; 1999 c.359 §6; 2003 c.655 §139]
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