Manufactured Dwellings and Structures

ORS 446.691
Issuance of dealer license

The Director of the Department of Consumer and Business Services shall issue a manufactured structure dealer license to an applicant if the applicant:


Delivers to the director a bond or letter of credit that meets the requirements under ORS 446.726 (Bond or letter of credit requirements);


Provides evidence acceptable to the director that the applicant obtained a corporate surety bond as provided in ORS 86A.227 (Corporate surety bond required) if the applicant employs or intends to employ a mortgage loan originator, as defined in ORS 86A.200 (Definitions), or is otherwise subject to ORS 86A.200 (Definitions) to 86A.239 (Display of license and unique identifier);


Certifies to the director in a form and manner the director specifies by rule that the applicant has independently verified that every individual the applicant or licensee hired or intends to hire as a mortgage loan originator meets the requirements set forth in ORS 86A.200 (Definitions) to 86A.239 (Display of license and unique identifier) and in ORS 86A.186 (Mortgage loan originator criminal records checks);


Pays the fee specified in ORS 446.721 (License fees) for issuance of a manufactured structure dealer license; and


Completes the application for a dealer license in a form approved by the director that includes:


The name and residence address of the applicant. If the applicant is a firm or partnership, the application must include the names and residence addresses of the members of the firm or partnership. If the applicant is a corporation, the application must include the names and residence addresses of the principal officers of the corporation and the name of the state in which the corporation is incorporated.


The name under which the business will be conducted.


The street address, including city and county in Oregon, where the business will be conducted.


A statement that indicates whether the applicant handles used manufactured structures.


An affidavit from the applicant showing that the applicant will act as a manufactured structure dealer and will conduct business at the location given on the application.


If the street address where the dealer will conduct the business is in a residential zone, a statement by the dealer that all manufactured structures sold or displayed at that address will meet any architectural and aesthetic standards regulating the placement of manufactured structures in that residential zone.


Information the director requires to efficiently regulate manufactured structures, manufactured structure dealers and dealerships or other relevant information the director requires.


If the applicant will offer for sale new manufactured structures that are recreational vehicles greater than eight and one-half feet in width, an affidavit from the applicant stating that the applicant will maintain a recreational vehicle service facility for those recreational vehicles at a street address provided in the application. [2003 c.655 §28; 2009 c.863 §29]
Note: See note under 446.661 (Definitions for ORS 446.661 to 446.756).


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