Mortgage Lending

ORS 86A.112
Licensees to keep records

  • inspection
  • filing financial reports
  • rules


A mortgage banker or mortgage broker shall make and keep accounts, correspondence, memoranda, papers, books and other records that the Director of the Department of Consumer and Business Services by rule or order prescribes. The mortgage banker or mortgage broker shall preserve the records for five years unless the director by rule prescribes otherwise. The director may examine the records within or outside this state at any reasonable time or times and may require without subpoena the production of the records at the office of the director as often as is reasonably necessary.


A mortgage banker or mortgage broker shall file financial reports or other information that the director by rule or order requires and shall promptly correct a document filed with the director that is or becomes incomplete or inaccurate in any material respect.


On or before May 1 of each year or on a date the director establishes by rule, a mortgage banker or mortgage broker shall file a report with the director in a form prescribed by the director. The report shall contain information the director requires concerning the mortgage banker’s or mortgage broker’s business and operations related to residential mortgage lending during the preceding calendar year. The information shall include the number and nature of loans originated by mortgage loan originators that the mortgage banker or mortgage broker employed.


The report and any records submitted to the director under this section are exempt from disclosure or production and are confidential as provided under ORS 705.137 (Information that is confidential or not subject to disclosure).


Notwithstanding the exemption and confidentiality provisions of subsection (4) of this section, the director may abstract information contained in reports submitted under subsection (3) of this section and may make the abstracted information available for public inspection provided that the abstracted information does not identify a particular mortgage banker or mortgage broker as a source of the information. [Formerly 59.860]


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