Statutory Liens

ORS 87.736
Form of notices filed under ORS 87.710 and certificates filed under ORS 87.735

  • fees for filing and for furnishing copies


Notices filed with the Secretary of State under ORS 87.710 (Filing notice of lien) and certificates filed with the Secretary of State under ORS 87.735 (Filing certificate of lien satisfaction upon payment for produce) must be in a form prescribed by the Secretary of State. The Secretary of State shall include the notices and certificates in the index maintained by the secretary for filing financing statements pursuant to ORS chapter 79. The secretary shall maintain the notices and certificates as public records for a period of time established by the secretary.


The Secretary of State shall establish fees pursuant to ORS 177.130 (Fees of the Secretary of State) for filing notices and certificates and for furnishing copies of notices or certificates. Fees established pursuant to this subsection are nonrefundable. [2001 c.301 §2]


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