Rule Rule 101-030-0020
Continuation of Group Medical and Dental Insurance Coverage for Employees Covered under the Oregon Family Leave Act (OFLA) — ORS 659A.150-186


A permanent, temporary or impermanent benefit eligible employee who qualifies for OFLA leave will continue benefits as outlined in OAR 101-020-0005 (Newly Hired and Newly Eligible Employee) according to the their benefit eligible current stability status at the time the leave starts.


When benefits continue during OFLA because of the employee’s current benefit eligible stability status, refer to OAR 101-20-0002(7)(d) for employee premium payment requirements.


If active employee’s PEBB insurance coverage ends, the employee will receive a COBRA election notice. See OAR 101-030-0005 (Continuation of Group Medical and Dental Insurance Coverage under the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA)).


See OAR 101-020-0045 (Returning to Work) Returning to Work.
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