OAR 104-030-0020


“Tsunami Warning Siren signal” is the wail, a siren tone that oscillates up and down repeatedly from high to low over a period of three minutes.


“Tsunami inundation zone” for the purpose of these rules means the area subject to tsunami inundation as depicted on maps adopted under OAR 632-005-0030 (Adoption of Maps for the Purposes of Screening New Essential Facilities, Hazardous Facilities, Major Structures, and Special Occupancy Structures) of these rules and intended for the implementation of ORS 455.446 (Tsunami inundation zone) and 455.447 (Regulation of certain structures vulnerable to earthquakes and tsunamis).


A “Tsunami Warning Siren” is a siren or other audible warning device for the purpose of providing warning to the public within the Tsunami Inundation Zone of an approaching tsunami.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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