Rule Rule 114-004-0020
Designee Training


A designee applicant who has been approved by the local screening committee and by the Ombudsman shall, before being appointed as a designee by the Ombudsman:


Complete 48 hours of training provided, sponsored or approved by the Ombudsman Program;


Maintain a log of all training hours completed including but not limited to:


Training hours provided by the Ombudsman Program;


Approved home study hours; and


Approved training relating to Long Term Care issues, but not directly provided by the Ombudsman Program such as community workshops, seminars and association meetings.


Take a certification assessment examination covering training areas upon completion of the 48 hours of training; and


Receive a passing score of at least 70 percent on the certification assessment examination.


Designees must attend a minimum of four hours of continuing education seminars or workshops on a quarterly basis which are offered by the Ombudsman, subject to the availability of funds, or which have been approved by the Ombudsman and are offered by another organization. Training sessions which may be approved by the Ombudsman include programs offered by the Senior Services Division, the local health department, local Legal Aid, and the Area Agency on Aging. If a designee attends training not offered by the Ombudsman Program, the designee must submit verification to the Ombudsman that the quarterly training requirements were met by the designee.


Training subjects may include:


Patients’ rights;


Patient abuse and protective services;


The long term care system, including involved governmental agencies;


Communicating with the frail elderly;


The goals of the Ombudsman Program and the role of the Ombudsman and designees;


Investigation procedures;


Complaint investigation and resolution;


Regulatory law and rules;


Reporting techniques;


Techniques on mediation, conciliation and persuasion;


Appropriate referrals to state agencies; and


Other related topics to the long term care system.
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