Rule Rule 114-004-0030
Designee Contracts


Prior to being assigned to a long term care facility, a designee shall sign a contract with the Ombudsman Program which meets the requirements of ORS 441.131(3) and (6).


Noncompliance with the terms of the contract is cause for immediate termination of the contract.


Termination of a designees contract may be initiated by the Ombudsman or the designee in writing for any or no cause, without prior notice.


Upon termination of a designees contract, the designee must return all designee identification, manuals, confidential material and reports to the Ombudsman.


Each designees job performance may be reviewed at any time by the Ombudsman Program for the following purposes:


To assure designee compliance with contractual commitment;


To assess and review job performance; and


To assure compliance with the rules and Ombudsman Program goals and philosophy.
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Jan. 19, 2020