Rule Rule 122-085-0120
Mandatory Collection Agency Transfer Assignment Requirements


If a state agency does not receive any payments on an MCAT account during any 90-day period following the MCAT eligibility date for that account, the state agency must review the account for assignment to DOR-OAA for full collections.


The state agency must assign accounts to DOR-OAA unless the account is subject to an exemption under OAR 122-085-0130 or OAR 122-085-0150.


MCAT accounts assigned to DOR-OAA will be transferred to a PCF if no payment is received on the account within six months from the date of assignment. DOR-OAA may transfer the assigned MCAT accounts to a PCF prior to six months.


MCAT accounts returned to DOR-OAA by a PCF may be retained by DOR-OAA indefinitely or returned to the state agency upon request.


OAR 122-085-0120 does not apply to accounts that originate in the Department of Revenue or the Oregon Employment Department; those accounts are required to be assigned one year from the MCAT eligibility date or the date of last payment, whichever is later.


OAR 122-085-0120 does not apply to state agencies that the Department of Administrative Services Chief Financial Office (DAS CFO) has granted a time period exemption, as per 122-085-0140.


Before a state agency may write-off an account, DOR-OAA must notify the state agency that the account is recommended for write-off, unless the law prohibits the account from assignment or the state agency has exempted the account from assignment as provided in 122-085-0130 or 122-085-0150.


A state agency may not make an offer for assignment contrary to applicable state or federal laws or regulations governing offers for assignment.
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