Rule Rule 122-085-0140
Mandatory Collection Agency Transfer Account Request for Exemption

(1) To request an exemption from the 90-day assignment provision referenced in OAR 122-085-0120 (Mandatory Collection Agency Transfer Assignment Requirements), a state agency must complete the applicable form provided in the OAM. If approved, the exemption request will permit either a 180-day turnover period or a 365-day turnover period.
(2) State agencies must submit requests for the exemption from the 90-day turnover timeframe to the DAS CFO no later than March 31. Each approved request will begin the following July 1 and will be valid until June 30 of the subsequent fiscal year. For example, an approved request submitted in March 2018 will become effective from July 1, 2018 through June 30, 2020.
(3) A state agency may not use such exemption until approved by the DAS CFO and may only apply the exemption to accounts with an MCAT eligibility date within the approved exemption period. 
(4) The state agency’s right to use the exemption terminates upon expiration of the approved period. If the exemption expires and the state agency has not received approval from DAS CFO for another exemption for the subsequent two year period, all accounts must be assigned as required in OAR 122-085-0120 (Mandatory Collection Agency Transfer Assignment Requirements).
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Aug. 6, 2020