Rule Rule 122-085-0150
State Agency Specific Exemptions

(1) A state agency may request that the DAS CFO approve one or more state agency specific exemptions under ORS 293.233 (Exemption of accounts from assignment to Department of Revenue or private collection agency) for classifications of accounts that are not exempt as per OAR 122-085-0130 (Mandatory Collection Agency Transfer Accounts Exempt from Assignment). A state agency must submit a request for a state agency specific exemption from assignment using the applicable form provided in the OAM.
(2) A state agency may not use such exemption until approved by the DAS CFO and the exemption only applies to accounts with an MCAT eligibility date within the approved exemption period. In its written approval of the request, the DAS CFO may specify that the exemption is for a limited duration (not to exceed two fiscal years).
(3) The state agency’s right to use the exemption terminates upon expiration of the limited duration period.
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