Oregon Oregon Business Development Department
Rule Rule 123-006-0020
Standard Procedures and Exceptions

The Department will comply with the Oregon Department of Justice Model Public Contract Rules, OAR chapter 137, divisions 046, and 047, as applicable, for all its procurement and contracting activity, with the following exceptions:


For Architectural, Engineering, and Land Surveying contracts, a special class of personal services contracts, the Department will comply with OAR chapter 137, division 048. Services defined as Related Services are subject to 123, division 6.


For contracts relating to the Department’s foreign trade offices operating outside the state, the provisions of OAR 137-047-0700 (Protests and Judicial Review of Special Procurements) through 137-047-0760 (Review of Prequalification and Debarment Decisions) (regarding legal remedies) shall not apply to public contracts under this division.


For contracts, other than those identified in (1) or (2) of this rule, that are best implemented as multiple work order contracts under an Agreement for Goods or Services, the Department will comply with OAR 123-006-0025 (Use of Work Order Contracts).


The provisions of OAR 137-047-0800 (Amendments to Contracts and Price Agreements), 137-047-0265 (Small Procurements)(2) and 137-047-0270 (Intermediate Procurements)(3) (regarding contract amendments) do not apply to contracts by the Department.


The provisions of OAR 137-047-0670 (Disposition of Offers if Procurement or Solicitation Canceled) (regarding cancelled offers) do not apply to contracts by the Department.
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