Rule Rule 123-006-0045
Sole Source Procurements, by Rule.

The Department may procure goods or services for the following subjects without competition:
(1) Advertising and Promotion. This covers all types of advertising placement, including booth space at trade shows and exhibitions. This does not include development of advertising or trade show services.
(2) Bond Counsel. The Department will follow the procedures and requirements of ORS 286A.130 (Bond counsel services) and any applicable Oregon Administrative Rules.
(3) Event Speakers. This covers those contracts for event speakers such as a keynote address. This does not cover those contracts for services such as training instructors or facilitators of meetings.
(4) Conferences, Meetings, Events. This covers facilities for housing or conducting meetings or events, as well as hotels or other lodging accommodations for those attending such meetings or events.
(5) Organizational Memberships. This covers dues, registrations, and membership fees in organizations the Department chooses to associate with. This does not cover memberships for individuals.
(6) Foreign Trade Missions. This covers procurement expenditures necessary during the duration of a foreign trade mission. This does not include foreign trade shows. This does not include employee travel reimbursements.
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Jan. 21, 2021