Rule Rule 123-042-0055
Emergency Project Eligibility, Criteria and Funding


An emergency project, as defined in ORS 285B.410 (Definitions for ORS 285B.410 to 285B.482)(5), which meets the following criteria is eligible for assistance from the fund:


The project must result from an emergency as defined in ORS 401.025 (Definitions for ORS chapter 401); and


The project must have federal disaster relief assistance funds committed;


The following apply to both grants and loans for emergency projects:


The maximum award amount for an emergency project cannot exceed the required local match for the federal disaster relief assistance committed to the project;


A grant for an emergency project cannot exceed $500,000 per project, or the amount of the federally required local match, whichever is less; and


A loan for an emergency project must meet the criteria set forth in OAR 123-042-0036 (Project Priorities and Funding).


The Authority shall not commit more than $2.5 million for emergency project grants, including grants for essential community facilities, in a biennium.


For the purposes of awards made under this OAR 123-042-0055 (Emergency Project Eligibility, Criteria and Funding), allowable project costs are those eligible for federal assistance, unless those costs are precluded by a restriction in state law or the Code of Federal Regulations.


In the event of an emergency, the Authority may adopt a policy, after consultation with stakeholders and others, to guide implementation decisions regarding such matters as grant amounts and priorities.
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Aug. 7, 2020