Rule Rule 123-042-0055
Emergency Project Eligibility, Criteria and Funding


An emergency project, as defined in ORS 285B.410(5), which meets the following criteria is eligible for assistance from the fund:


The project must result from an emergency as defined in ORS 401.025; and


The project must have federal disaster relief assistance funds committed;


The following apply to both grants and loans for emergency projects:


The maximum award amount for an emergency project cannot exceed the required local match for the federal disaster relief assistance committed to the project;


A grant for an emergency project cannot exceed $500,000 per project, or the amount of the federally required local match, whichever is less; and


A loan for an emergency project must meet the criteria set forth in OAR 123-042-0036.


The Authority shall not commit more than $2.5 million for emergency project grants, including grants for essential community facilities, in a biennium.


For the purposes of awards made under this OAR 123-042-0055, allowable project costs are those eligible for federal assistance, unless those costs are precluded by a restriction in state law or the Code of Federal Regulations.


In the event of an emergency, the Authority may adopt a policy, after consultation with stakeholders and others, to guide implementation decisions regarding such matters as grant amounts and priorities.
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Jan. 19, 2020