Rule Rule 123-093-0200

The following definitions apply unless the context requires otherwise:


Affiliated Entity means all businesses or individuals controlling, controlled by, or under common control with the owner or operator or otherwise affiliated with the owner or operator. In making the determination, the Department will consider, among other factors, ownership and contractual relationships among businesses, including but not limited to ownership interests, financial relationships, purchase options, partnership flips, and expected or scheduled changes in ownership interests or percentages.


Applicant means an owner or operator of a solar PV project who submits a solar PV project for SDI enrollment consideration.


Application Date means the date and time at which the Applicant submitted an SDI application online.


Capacity Factor as defined by the Energy Information Administration, means the ratio of the electrical energy produced by a generating unit for the period of time considered to the electrical energy that could have been produced at continuous full power operation during the same period.


Commercially Operational means a solar PV facility that is generating and selling electricity in accordance with a Power Purchase Agreement with the purchasing utility.


Department refers to the Oregon Business Development Department.


Eligible Project means a Qualified and Ready Project whose owner, operator, or Affiliated Entities, would, after enrollment of the project, own or operate, collectively, no more than 35MWac of Solar PV Energy Systems enrolled in the SDI Program, as determined by the Department.


Enrollee/Program Enrollee means the owner or operator of Solar PV Energy System enrolled in the SDI Program. The Enrollee is responsible for managing relationships and reporting requirements associated with the SDI program.


Enrolled Project means the SDI Program Enrollees Qualified, Ready, and Eligible Solar PV Energy System that has been selected to participate in the SDI program, for which the Enrollee has completed required contracting and documentation to participate in the SDI program and as such is eligible to receive the production-based incentive.


Enrollment Date is the date assigned by the Department that serves as the earliest date from which production data can be submitted for SDI payment. It also serves as the date from which Enrollees have 12 months to generate electricity before experiencing reductions in their total incentive payments.


Investor-Owned Utility means an investor-owned utility, as defined in ORS 469.631 that distributes electricity.


Nameplate Capacity means the maximum rated output of a generator, inverter, or other electric power production equipment measured in alternating current under specific conditions designated by the manufacturer of the equipment.


Off-taking Entity means the buyer of the electricity produced by a generating facility.


Publicly Owned Utility has the meaning given that term in ORS 469.649.


SDI Payee means the Enrolled Project Owner or Operator entity to whom SDI payments will be issued.


Project Owner or Operator means the entity that has primary control over a project.


Solar Photovoltaic Energy System or Solar PV Energy System means equipment and devices that have the primary purpose of collecting solar energy and generating electricity by photovoltaic effect.


Qualified Project means a Solar PV Energy System that meets the criteria set forth in OAR 123-093-0400 as a stand-alone project.


Qualified and Ready Project means a Qualified Project that is more likely to begin generating electricity no later than January 2, 2018.
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