Rule Rule 123-093-0400

The Department, in consultation with external organizations including, but not limited to, the Oregon Department of Energy (ODOE) will determine if a proposed project is qualified.


A solar PV system is qualified if it:


Has applied by January 2, 2017


Is located in Oregon


Has a Nameplate Capacity between 2 and 10 megawatts as measured in alternating current (MWac)


Can be demonstrated, in a power purchase agreement (PPA), that it has an agreed upon commercial operation date (COD) of January 1, 2016 or later


Is or will be either directly connected to the electrical system of an Oregon Investor-Owned Utility or Publicly Owned Utility, or is indirectly connected to the electrical system of an Investor-Owned Utility or Publicly Owned Utility in a manner that the Selection Committee determines is acceptable for Program Enrollees


Has or will have a revenue grade meter or other device that monitors and measures the quantity of energy generated by the Solar PV Energy System


Meets any other siting, design, interconnection, installation and electric output standards required by the laws of Oregon
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