Rule Rule 123-093-0600


The Department will offer SDI program enrollment to Qualified Projects that are eligible for enrollment in the order in which they are arranged in the SDI queue until 150 MW of eligible projects have been enrolled.


Once the SDI program has enrolled 150 MW of qualified and eligible projects, qualified and eligible projects that were not selected to participate will retain their location in the queue.


In the event that Enrolled Projects are removed from the SDI program, their remaining program capacity may be released and reassigned to qualified and eligible projects, according to their assignment in the SDI queue.


In the event that remaining program capacity is reassigned, the total incentive amount reassigned will be limited to the remaining released capacity and the project to which it is reassigned will be constrained to program sunset dates and as such might not receive a full five years of incentive payments.


A project may be qualified but ineligible for enrollment if, by enrollment, the Applicant and any Affiliated Entity would own or operate, collectively, Solar PV Energy Systems enrolled in the SDI Program with a cumulative Nameplate Capacity in excess of 35MWac. A qualified but ineligible project will retain its position in the queue but will not be considered for enrollment unless all of the following criteria are met:


An Enrolled Project is removed from the incentive program and that removal reduces the cumulative Nameplate Capacity of the qualified but previously ineligible project and all Solar PV Energy Systems enrolled in the SDI Program that are owned or operated by the Applicant, or any business controlling, controlled by, or under common control with the Applicant, to 35MWac or less,


The SDI program has remaining capacity, and


There are no other qualified and eligible projects in the queue ahead of the project.


Partial Funding of Projects. For the above determination, the entire Nameplate Capacity of a project will be used. That is, if an entity has four qualified 10 MW projects, only three of them would be eligible. The fourth project would not be eligible for partial funding of a 5MW portion.
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Aug. 8, 2020