Rule Rule 123-097-0500
Regionally Significant Industrial Site Designation


For an industrial site to be designated as a RSIS, the Department must find that the proposed site is one of the following:


Land, which may comprise one or more tax lots or sites, entirely within a regionally significant industrial area established under Metro Code Chapter 3.07.420 by Metro, the metropolitan service district for the Portland region established under ORS chapter 268.


Land not within a Metro-designated regionally significant industrial area, which may comprise one or more tax lots or sites, that:


Is suitable for the location of new industrial uses or the expansion of existing industrial uses and that can provide significant additional employment in the region;


Has site characteristics that provide significant competitive advantages that are difficult or impossible to replicate in the region; and


Has, or will have with site preparation, access to transportation and freight infrastructure, including but not limited to rail, port, airport, multimodal freight or transshipment facilities and other major transportation facilities or routes, adequate to support the Sponsors economic development strategy for the site.


The documentation for a proposed RSIS, in the application required by 123-097-1500, must:


fully identify the site, including maps, legal property description and tax lots;


describe how the site is inside the applicants jurisdiction, territory or urban growth boundary;


describe how the site meets the criteria in section (1) of this rule;


verify the current ownership and title to the land with a preliminary title report or the equivalent;


list all real property encumbrances, easements, liens and restrictions, and describe their potential to interfere with development for industrial use;


list all applicable laws or permits affecting development for industrial use;


describe existing site conditions and practical constraints on development for industrial use; and


confirm that the site is zoned for industrial use.
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Jan. 19, 2020