Rule Rule 123-097-1500
Application and Approval Process


Applications for designation as a Regionally Significant Industrial Site and for qualification as a Sponsor are combined, and must be submitted on a form prescribed by the Department and according to any instructions provided by the Department.


In its review, the Department may:


Consult with the Governors Regional Solutions Team and other state agency staff as appropriate; and


Seek to resolve deficiencies or questions in writing with the Sponsor to ensure application completeness.


After receiving an application and such other information as the Department determines necessary to constitute a complete application, the Department will submit a memorandum to its Director for RSIS designation and Sponsor qualification, or denial. The Department may restrict or make its approval subject to specific conditions. The Directors decision will be final.


If denied, the Department will provide a letter to the applicant detailing reasons for the denial. The applicant may resubmit a revised application once any deficiencies are cured.


Following approval, a Sponsor may, at any time, request a tax reimbursement agreement under 123-097-3000.
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