OAR 123-097-1000
Sponsor Qualification

(1) Criteria the Department will consider when determining Sponsor qualification are:
(a) Whether the applicant has or will have the financial, material, equipment, facility and personnel resources and expertise, or has the ability to obtain the resources and expertise, necessary to implement its proposed economic development strategy for the site.
(b) The applicant’s record of performance on similar site preparation and economic development strategies for such sites, considering the extent that performance remained within the applicant’s control.
(c) The record of integrity for an applicant’s executive staff and governing body, regarding matters related to the entity’s operations.
(d) The economic development strategy for the RSIS.
(2) An applicant to become a Sponsor must submit materials to the Department according to 123-097-1500 (Application and Approval Process), that:
(a) Includes the Sponsor’s economic development strategy for the site.
(b) Lists all parties involved in site preparation activities, including underwriters, and other private or public investors.
(c) Describe planned or completed site preparation improvements, an estimated timeframe for the improvements from start to completion, and the actual or budgeted costs for such improvements.
(d) Provide estimated employment at the proposed RSIS once the site is developed to its planned full capacity.
(e) Outline local workforce characteristics and workforce development programs existing or planned to support the site’s development.
(f) Include any of the following materials that exist: drafts or final versions of a site preparation assessment, site master plans, wetland mitigation or avoidance plans, archeological surveys, transportation improvement plans, environmental assessments and remediation plans, any pre-permits or permits needed or obtained, any resolutions and ordinances passed by local governments, and any other related documentation of the site’s preparation and development.
(g) If the proposed RSIS has a private owner who owns all or portions of the property comprising the site or rights critical to its re/development, the application must also include an executed Development Agreement between the Sponsor and the private owner or the owner’s developer, demonstrating:
(A) The responsibilities of the respective parties for performing and paying for site preparation, construction, and infrastructure requirements for the proposed RSIS; and satisfying land use requirements; and
(B) The Sponsor’s and private owner or developer’s plan to operate as a traded-sector industrial use employer, or a commitment to make the proposed RSIS available for purchase, lease or exchange to an employer for traded-sector industrial use.
(h) Supplemental information as requested by the Department.

Source: Rule 123-097-1000 — Sponsor Qualification, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=123-097-1000.

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