Rule Rule 123-200-1700
ESB Certification: Application Form and Procedure


The COBID will utilize ORS 200.170 (Eligibility for participation) to review a business’ eligibility for certification as an ESB.


A firm wishing to apply for certification in the ESB program shall complete the application provided by the COBID.


The completed application, together with all required supporting documentation, shall be submitted to the Certification Office for Business Inclusion and Diversity at 775 Summer Street NE, Suite 200, Salem, OR 97301. The COBID will not process incomplete applications.


The COBID will conduct a review and take action on completed applications as promptly as resources permit. The order of priority for processing applications shall be the date the COBID receives the completed application with all supporting documentation.


The COBID shall make a determination based on the eligibility standards included in these rules and the applicable laws of the State of Oregon. As part of its investigation, the COBID may require the applicant firm to provide information in addition to that requested on the application. The applicant(s) has the burden of proving the firm is eligible for certification and meets all the requirements of the program. If the COBID certifies the firm, the agency will send a confirmation letter.


The applicable emerging small business size standard for each applicant set out in ORS 123-200-1600 (Emerging Small Business (ESB) Certification Procedures — Eligibility Standards) shall be determined by the business’ primary service offered.


Registration of the business with the Construction Contractors Board and/or Landscape Contractors Board will establish a firm as a construction firm. For the purposes of this program, the COBID will consider a construction-related trucking business as a construction firm. The COBID does not consider Engineering and Architecture firms as construction firms.
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