OAR 123-200-2300

The COBID shall maintain a statewide-unified directory of certified firms as follows:


Certified firms shall use the current business name as registered with the Secretary of State, Corporation Division. Businesses operating under the owner’s individual name shall use the name listed on the business license. The firm may not use other names when contracting business. A firm may use an Assumed Business Name for contracting purposes, but only if the name is in conjunction with the registered business name.


The directory will be maintained in an electronic format and available on-line. The directory shall indicate the certification status of each firm for all programs. The directory shall also include the firm’s telephone numbers, fax number, and mailing address and list the firm’s capabilities.


The COBID shall update the directory on a daily basis including changes in business and email addresses and phone number(s).


It is the responsibility of the applicant and certified business to notify the COBID within 30 days of any changes in its ownership or management, which may affect eligibility. Failure to notify the COBID may result in denial or decertification.
Last Updated

Jun. 8, 2021

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