Rule Rule 123-200-1900
Denial and Decertification of ESB Firms


This rule applies only to the denial and decertification of a firm’s ESB status under Oregon law. The COBID may deny certification or decertify a firm at any time if the agency determines that the firm no longer meets eligibility standards set out in OAR 123-200-1600 (Emerging Small Business (ESB) Certification Procedures — Eligibility Standards). The procedure is as follows:


The COBID will issue a Notice of Intent to Deny Certification in the case of denial of initial certification and the reasons therefore.


In the case of decertification, the COBID shall issue a Notice of Intent to Decertify the firm 21 days prior to the date of decertification, and indicate the specific reasons for the decision.


In the event of a denial or decertification, the applicant or firm representative has 21 calendar days from the date of notice in which to submit a written appeal to the manager of the COBID. Following the review of the applicant’s written appeal, the manager of COBID will issue a decision.


If the applicant or firm representative does not agree with the manager’s decision, he or she may request a contested case hearing. The COBID will conduct a contested case hearing in accordance with ORS 183.310 (Definitions for chapter) to 183.550. Following the contested case hearing, the Hearings Officer will forward a proposed order to the COBID. The manager of the COBID will issue a final order.


If the applicant or firm representative files an appeal in writing or requests a contested case hearing, the COBID will stay the denial or decertification pending the issuance of the final order. If the applicant or certified firm does not submit a written appeal or request for a contested case hearing to the COBID within the 21-day period, the denial or decertification shall be final.


An applicant or firm representative may withdraw an application or certification if there is no longer a desire to participate in the program. The applicant or firm representative must complete a withdrawal form provided by the COBID.


Any business denied initial certification would be ineligible to reapply for a period of 12 months.
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