Economic Development III

ORS 285C.540
Definitions for ORS 285C.540 to 285C.559

As used in ORS 285C.540 (Definitions for ORS 285C.540 to 285C.559) to 285C.559 (Revocation of certificate):


“Component parts of electric vehicles” does not include:


Parts that may be used in both electric and conventional vehicles; or




“Cost” means the capital costs and expenses necessarily incurred in the erection, construction, installation and acquisition of a facility.


“Electric vehicles” means vehicles that are designed for use as Class I or Class II all-terrain vehicles, as those terms are defined in ORS 801.190 (“Class I all-terrain vehicle”) and 801.193 (“Class II all-terrain vehicle”), and that are used for agricultural, commercial, industrial or governmental purposes, or vehicles that are designed for use as modes of transportation on public roads and highways. The Director of the Oregon Business Development Department may further define “agricultural, commercial, industrial or governmental purposes” of electric vehicles by rule.


(a) “Renewable energy resource” includes, but is not limited to:


Straw, forest slash, wood waste or other wastes from farm or forest land, nonpetroleum plant or animal based biomass, ocean wave energy, solar energy, wind power, water power or geothermal energy;


A hydroelectric generating facility that obtains all applicable permits and complies with all state and federal statutory requirements for the protection of fish and wildlife and that:


Does not exceed 10 megawatts of installed capacity; or


Qualifies as a research, development or demonstration facility; or


A renewable energy storage device as defined by the director by rule.


“Renewable energy resource” does not include a hydroelectric generating facility that is not described in paragraph (a) of this subsection.


“Renewable energy resource equipment manufacturing facility” means any structure, building, installation, excavation, device, machinery or equipment, or an addition, reconstruction or improvement to land, to an existing structure, building, installation, excavation or device or to existing machinery or equipment, that is necessarily acquired, constructed or installed by a person in connection with the conduct of a trade or business and that is used primarily to manufacture:


Component parts of electric vehicles.


Electric vehicles.


Equipment, machinery or other products designed to use a renewable energy resource and that meets the criteria established under ORS 285C.543 (Rules).


Renewable energy storage devices. [2011 c.474 §5]


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