Rule Rule 123-680-0001
Purpose and Scope

This division of administrative rules specifies matters related to the creation and operation of an RREDZ, which as used in these administrative rules, means a rural renewable energy development zone under ORS 285C.350 to 285C.370:


For an eligible business firm in an RREDZ, the standard (35-year) enterprise zone exemption and associated provisions under ORS 285C.050 to 285C.250 apply as they would inside an enterprise zone, as addressed in OAR 123-674, for which:


The firm and the firms property qualify, however, only insofar as they relate to renewable energy facilities and activities under ORS 285C.350, such that for purposes of the first clause under ORS 285C.350(2), in order to be exempt, qualified property must generate electricity to a significant degree from the combustion, harnessing or utilization of the renewable energy resource, but it may also produce (even for the most part) other energy forms, including but not limited to steam, heat or mechanical power; and


The sponsor of the RREDZ is equivalently responsible for the same applicable duties as a local enterprise zone sponsor, including but not limited to those covered in OAR 123-668.


The primary purpose of RREDZs is the extension of this enterprise zone incentive to renewable energy projects, especially those that are far-flung or widely dispersed, in lieu of potentially infeasible or physically complex amendment to the boundary of an existing enterprise zone.


These administrative rules:


Have no bearing on true enterprise zones, including but not limited to such azones designation and so forth, or to an eligible business firm or qualified property in such azone, even if encompassed by an RREDZ;


Do not control or bind the county assessor or Department of Revenue, and they aresuperseded by OAR chapter 150in matters related to tax administration; and


Utilize definitions found in OAR 123-001 (Procedural Rules) and 123-674, except where the context demandsotherwise.
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