OAR 123-680-1000
Basic Points about RREDZs


Like an enterprise zone, an RREDZ terminates by operation of law as otherwise provided under ORS 285C.245 (Termination)(1) and (2), with equivalent protection and allowances for relevant business firms in the RREDZ, but it does not terminate by programmatic sunset under ORS 285C.255 (Sunset of enterprise zone program).


An RREDZ (irrespective of OAR 123-650-1000 (DIMENSIONS AND BOUNDARIES — Size and Distances)) covers the entire territory of the designated:


City including subsequent annexations; or


County or counties whether outside corporate limits or not, but excluding any area inside an urban growth boundary (UGB) described in section (3) of this rule.


An RREDZ is permitted anywhere in this state, except within the UGB of a city with a population of 30,000 or more, according to the most recent decennial U.S. Census count, including but not limited to the entire (Portland-area) Metro UGB.


RREDZs come in one of only the following three types:


City RREDZ, in that the governing body of a single city applies to the Department for designation, and the city is the sponsor of the RREDZ;


County RREDZ, in that the governing body of a single county applies to the Department for designation, and the county is the sponsor of the RREDZ; or


Multi-county RREDZ, in that each governing body of two or more counties jointly apply to the Department for designation, for which:


The counties are contiguous one to another, but do not necessarily all share a single common border in the case of three or more counties; and


Only one of the counties serves as the zone sponsor.


In appointing the local RREDZ manager, the sponsor is encouraged to select someone, who also serves as the local zone manager for an enterprise zone whenever possible.


There is no particular limit on the number of RREDZs statewide, although a city or county may not have two or more concurrent designations, with the following distinctions:


A city may have a designation, even if inside a county designated as an RREDZ; or


A county may itself be designated an RREDZ and be part of an RREDZ with one or more other counties, but it may not concurrently belong to two or more different, multi-county RREDZs.


The RREDZ exemption under ORS 285C.362 (Exemption) on the qualified property of a qualified business firm may not be derived from more than one overlapping RREDZ designation, except if there are two or more authorizations covering property in different tax lots.

Source: Rule 123-680-1000 — Basic Points about RREDZs, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=123-680-1000.

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