Rule Rule 123-650-1000

For purposes of an enterprise zone designation, re-designation or boundary change:


Except as allowed in OAR 123-650-1100 (Extended Rural Distances):


The straight-line distance between any two points within the zone may not exceed 12 miles if it is urban, or 15 miles if it is rural.


A separate area of the zone must be five or fewer miles of straight-line distance away from another area of the zone as measured between the two closest points of each area.


No part of the zone may be inside the boundary of another enterprise zone.


The total area of the zone may not exceed 12 square miles if it is urban, or 15 square miles if it is rural, for which the following are ignored:


Any road, track, transmission line or right of way that nominally connects separate areas of the zone; or


Any area below the ordinary high water mark of navigable bodies of water, including but not limited to this state’s border territory that is also within the jurisdiction of the zone sponsor, such as areas of the ocean up to three nautical miles directly from shore. Nevertheless, property located in such area is inside the zone boundary.
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