Rule Rule 125-035-0015
Inventory Controls and Accounting Systems

The following shall be the responsibility of the SASP when acquiring Federal surplus property for the distribution center inventory and reallocating it to donees:


Inventory Controls:
(a)(A) Immediately upon receipt, Federal surplus property shall be moved into a receiving area for check in. If personnel are not immediately available, the property shall be held in a protected area until it can be received.


Shipping documents and the applicable SF-123 and its attachments shall be used to check and identify the property;


Overage and shortage reports, and supplemental SF-123’s, shall be prepared in accordance with the requirements of Federal Property Management Regulations (FPMR) 101-44.115 and mailed to the appropriate General Services Administration regional office. Upon verifying the description, condition, and quantity, of the Federal surplus property, a stock tag containing the following data shall be prepared and attached to each item to identify it as follows:


Oregon List number;


Item number;


Unit acquisition cost;


Description, including serial number, if applicable;


Unit of measure;


Unit service and handling charge.


Following verification of receiving information, individual stock record cards shall be prepared on all items of Federal surplus property having an individual acquisition cost of five dollars or more. All actions, including receipt, donation and inventory status shall be recorded on this card. The stock record card shall be retained on file for not less than three years after the property has been donated;


A physical inventory shall be taken annually of all Federal surplus property in possession of the SASP. Shortages and overages shall be listed on the annual inventory report. This report shall be used to record inventory adjustments and must be approved by the supervisor before posting to the stock cards. Adjustments to the inventory record shall be made only when all reasonable efforts have been exhausted to determine the reason for variance. A statement explaining the variance shall be included in the corrected inventory report.


After receiving approval from the GSA Regional Office, all federal surplus property retained by SASP for internal use will be recorded on separate records from donable property for control and accountability.


Accounting Systems: A state approved double entry accounting system shall be used. It shall include a chart of accounts, a general ledger with accounts for all assets, liabilities, income, and expense, and journals for all original records of transactions. It shall identify and separately account for funds accumulated from service charges. Monthly and year-end reports shall be provided for management visibility and program control.
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