Rule Rule 125-035-0065
Cooperative Agreements


The Oregon Department of Administrative Services is authorized, pursuant to statute, to enter into cooperative agreements with the Administrator of General Services Administration for the use of property, facilities, personnel and services. Such agreements may or may not require payment or reimbursement for use by the SASP of any surplus personal property in its possession, subject to conditions imposed by the General Services Administration. It is the desire of the SASP to continue, renew, or enter into such agreements authorized under Section 203(n) of the Act, 40 USC para 471, et seq.


Periodically, internal audits shall be performed on the operations and financial affairs of the SASP. External audits will meet the requirements of the Office of Management and Budget Circular A-128 “Audits of State and Local Governments.” The state and SASP will provide GSA two copies of any audit report made pursuant to the circular, or with copies of the sections pertaining to the Federal Donation Program. An outline of the necessary corrective action the SASP will take to comply with scheduled completion dates shall be submitted with the audit report. General Services Administration may conduct their own audit of the SASP following due notice to the chief executive officer of the state of the reasons for such audit. Financial records and all other books and records shall be made available by the SASP for inspection by General Services Administration, the General Accounting Office or other authorized Federal activities.
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