OAR 125-035-0045


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The SASP shall contact and instruct all known potential donees in the state on the procedures to follow in establishing their eligibility to participate in the Federal surplus property program;


In establishing a list of the potential donees, the SASP shall use the standards and guidelines set forth in FPMR 101-44.207 as well as the following sources:


Public Agencies:
Listings of cities and towns;
Listings of counties, state departments, divisions, councils, commissions, institutions, including the legislative and judicial branches of state government, etc.;
Listings of local departments, divisions, commissions, councils, etc.


Non-profit, Tax-exempt Units:
State departments and others for listing of all local units approved or licensed by them;
Existing listings of units now eligible to participate in the Federal surplus property program;
Inquiries, letters, telephone calls, etc., received relative to eligibility.


Contacts shall be made by letter, telephone, general meetings, and conferences with the groups listed above, supplemented as necessary by news releases, informational bulletins, attendance at conferences and meetings, to discuss the Federal surplus property program.


As a condition of eligibility each potential donee shall be required to file with the SASP:


An application certification and agreement form signed by the chief executive officer accepting and agreeing to be bound by the terms and conditions under which Federal surplus property shall be transferred. (Exhibit 8);


A written authorization signed by the chief administrative officer or executive head of the applicant or a resolution of the governing board designating one or more representatives to act for the applicant, obligate any necessary funds, and execute issue and invoice documents. (Exhibit 9);


Assurance of compliance indicating acceptance of Civil Rights laws and Non-Discrimination on the basis of race, color, national origin, gender, age or disability in accordance with General Services Administration regulations and requirements. (Exhibit 10);


The legal name of applicant, address and telephone number and its status as a public agency or non-profit, tax-exempt, educational or public health activity, provider of assistance to homeless, and/or a program for older Americans;


Details and scope of the applicant’s program, including its different activities and functions;


A list of the types and kinds of equipment, vehicles, machines, or other items needed by the applicant;


Financial information, as requested by SASP, to help in evaluating the applicant’s relative needs and resources;


Proof of the applicant’s tax-exempt status under Section 501 of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954 (for non-profit activities only); and


Proof that the applicant is approved, accredited or licensed in accordance with FPMR 101-44.207.


All approvals of eligibility shall be reviewed and updated every three years, except for skilled nursing homes, intermediate care facilities, alcohol and drug abuse centers, programs for older individuals and any other programs that are certified, approved and/or licensed, which must be reviewed and updated each year.
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